I enjoy music.

Music is something that I like to listen to and play. It gives me a lot of motivation to actually do things when I am playing or listening to music. I need to figure out how I can link the songs that I like, but once I do, I will be able to link the music that I enjoy, and you will not have to look them up.

Music That I Like

This is a list of just music or bands that are either inspirational or just plain good. I get a lot of inspiration and motivation from listening to music.

Music that I listen to.

My Covers/Songs I Am Playing

This is a list of covers that I have done in the past or am learing how to play, as well as songs I am playing in school.

Music that I play.

My Songs

This is a list of the songs that I have written and uploaded. So far it is a small list, but I am building up day by day.

Here is the latest song I have released. I am currently working on getting it onto Spotify and Apple Music, but for now this is the only place to listen to it.

My Music.

I also like other things, just not nearly as much.

Here is a page that will include other random projects that I have. There isn't much that I do other than school and music, but hey, there is some and I may as well include it.

Random things that I like.