Music That I Like to Listen To

This is going to be a list of bands and music that I listen to. If there are multiple from one band, than I will list the band and my absolute favorites. Enjoy!!

Band - James Clayton & Dan Watson - - - - This is a band that I listen to every day, and their music ranges from anti-folk to punk rock. They have a lot of music, which ranges through every emotion. They are a small band of two people, whose real band name has been deemed "the worst band name ever." They started with just James - who had no musical background, but wanted to get into guitar after going through a painful breakup. His first album ever released was called "James Is Going to Die Soon." Then, in the Summer of 2013, James invited Dan to join as a simple percussionist. He would hit a box rythmically.

James Clayton & Dan Watson

Song - GB Eating GB Whilst Listening To GB - - - - This song was written by James Clayton and Dan Watson. It has been interpretted different ways, but I interpret the song as telling a story of a man who loved a woman, but was to scared to tell her for fear of rejection. I enjoy this song because I can relate to every single word sang. Every part of the song is easily relatable.

GB Eating GB Whilst Listening to GB

Song - I Am In Great Pain, Please Help Me - - - - This song was also written by James Clayton and Dan Watson. This song shows nothing but raw emotion - intensity to it's finest, expressing depression and low self esteem in a way that helps me cope with my own problems. I have learned how to play this song on guitar because singing distracts me from the horrors of life. The lyric "Sometimes I wish I was a goat," is probably the lyric I relate to most.

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